Abyssal Japan produces and sells skincare products made with Hokkaido sugar beets and other locally grown vegetables. Abyssal carefully selects its raw materials and never adds any preservatives, synthetic essence, or artificial colors. Abyssal Japan is dedicated to offering the best skincare products by using ingredients found only in nature.
-Mari Noboritate worked as a marketing director for an American company in New York that developed raw materials commonly used in cosmetics. -In an attempt to relieve her daughter’s eczema, Mari started searching for natural ingredients that could improve her daughter’s skin. -Mari participated in a project to develop a sugar-based skin care line.
-Mari filed for a U.S patent on non-aqueous sugar scrubs. -Mari returned to Japan to promote her products in Japan.
-Mari founded Abyssal Japan Co., Ltd. 2008 -Abyssal Japan relocated from Hiroshima to Hokkaido; home of Japan’s sugar beet farming industry.