What is a sugar beet and what is beet sugar?

When thinking of sugar, most picture the sugar cane that is commonly grown in warm subtropical climates such as Florida. However, the sugar beet, also known as "beetroot" or "sweet radish", is a vegetable root native to colder regions and contains an equally high concentration of sucrose (sugar). Sugar beets have been cultivated in Japan for centuries, but the plant only grows in the northern island of Hokkaido. The island's nutrient-rich soil and cool temperate climate provide the ideal environment for growing high quality and high yield sugar beet crop. The crystallized sugar extracted from the Hokkaido plant is called beet sugar and is one of the primary active ingredients used in our products. While pure sugar looks similar, its properties can differ depending on how it is produced. Cane sugar produced under hot and humid conditions tends to have a cooling effect on the body, whereas beet sugar produced in cold conditions provides our bodies with warmth.