The Story of Sucre

It all started with her daughter’s eczema.
A sugar-based skincare line created from a mother’s love.
“Sweet Skincare” — is a perfect description of our Sucre skincare line. Sucre’s main ingredient is sugar sourced from beet vegetables native to Hokkaido, Japan. Sugar on your skin? You might find the idea a little odd, but Mari Noboritate, CEO of Sucre’s parent company Abyssal Japan, first struck on the idea of using sugar for skincare while working in New York City for a cosmetics company. During her assignment in NYC, Mari was surprised to find that the winters were so dry. Even men can’t go without lip balm! One day, a coworker mentioned that she dissolves sugar in her bath to stop her skin from drying out; Mari gave it a try, and found that the sugar bath left her skin incredibly hydrated and soft. She couldn’t help but wonder whether sugar’s ultra-moisturizing effect could help her daughter’s eczema. The thought started her on a journey and led to developing a range of sugar-based skincare products. When Mari finally tried the first version of her sugar scrub on her daughter’s skin, they both saw an immediate improvement in her daughter’s comfort and frequency of itching. Within a few months, the inflammation had died down and the dark patches on her skin were fading away! Mari’s mission to relieve her daughter’s dry skin led to the creation of Sucre, a waterless sugar scrub, which was awarded a U.S. patent in 2003.
Let’s Start Sugaring!

Completely safe with 100% food-grade natural ingredients and no additives.
We chose the term “sugaring” to describe using Sucre beauty treatments. Using Sucre as a cleanser every morning and night or leaving it on as a simple facial mask can transform dry skin into healthy skin that glows. You’ll be taken aback by how fast you see the results. Not only do you have the comfort of knowing that Sucre is all-natural and made from 100% food-grade ingredients, but the sugaring routine is easy! Just combine a small amount with water, apply it as a facial mask, and rinse off. One of Sucre’s biggest advantages is that it is gentle enough to use every day. Use Sucre on your face or try using it all over your body to remove dead skin and keep dryness at bay. We also recommend Sucre for men!
Carefully Selected Ingredients

The Discovery of Hokkaido Beet Sugar
When creating a sugar-based skin care line, it is essential to choose the right kind of sugar. After collecting and conducting comparative analysis on 200 samples of different sugar varieties from Canada, Europe and all over Japan, it was Hokkaido-grown beet sugar that came out on top. Beet sugar comes from beets (also known as “beetroot” or “sugar radish”), a variety of root vegetable that is known for its warming effect on the body. In Japan, sugar beets are only grown in Hokkaido and every step of its production is traceable — from the farmland and producer to the work history of the processing plant. It is also the world’s only non-genetically modified beet sugar, so we can take pride in knowing that it is completely safe to use. Functional testing has confirmed this variety of sugar has excellent moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties: it is readily absorbed into the skin’s outer layer, where it regulates moisture and sebum balance, softening the dead skin cells at the skin’s surface, and restoring suppleness and radiance to dry damaged skin.
Sugar is a Miracle Skincare Ingredient

Sugar is said to have made its first arrival in Japan in the Nara era (710-794 AD). At that time, it was highly valued as a medicine rather than as a sweetener. In addition to its preservative and anti-bacterial properties, sugar also promotes cell regeneration, which is why it has traditionally been used as a medicine to heal bruises and cuts. In fact, it is still used today as the main ingredient in some bedsore creams.
To explain in more familiar terms, let’s recall that sugar is commonly used in cooking to soften certain foods — for example, it is well known that boiling dried beans with sugar makes them soft and plump. The Japanese call this technique “the law of cooking beans”, and sugar can do the same for your skin! Sugar has exceptional moisturizing properties: it can soften dead skin cells, stimulating the skin’s metabolism while reinforcing its barrier function. This miracle skincare ingredient provides immediate relief for dryness, which is said to be at the root of a whole host of skin problems.